This is for the people who become so estranged from their own country that they feel like foreigners even when they are in it.

Welcome to my life. My name is Alexander Yerks, I am a professional photographer, musician, and axe carving wood sculptor from New York.

Having lived all of my life in Upstate New York, I have access to many stunning locations. Being that I’m a woodsman at heart, I always find myself in nature in the beautiful twilight hours, climbing a tree, or a mountain, to get the best unique shots I possibly can. Although nature is usually around me, it is not the sole focus of my work. I’m also a huge fan of music, art, and especially real people.. and love capturing those one of a kind moments in time. My work is my love and my life, and hopefully my visitors can deduce it is a total pleasure for me.

People ask me what kind of photography do I fall into? It’s one of the hardest questions to answer really. Ive worked in Fashion, music, celebrity, still life, catalogue, product, weddings, portraits, environmental, landscapes, documentary, and film.

Yet I feel Ive always fell into all categories, yet none can summarize what my vision is. As I stated above, At times I am one of ‘those people’ who feel as if they are a foreigner in their own country. I don’t quite fit into the ‘ordinary’ nor do I want to. So I hope what you take home with you from my work is just that. Thru my eyes, some photographs imaginary or shamanistic in vision, some uncomfortably real. The good and the bad… after all, life and nature has no opinion, habits, or preconceptions.